The Nose / Gut / Brain Boogie Just a touch of my favorite subject, from the bottomless well of academia.

See?  I've been telling you* stuff like this:
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Recent studies have focused on the role of gut microbiota in modulation of the enteric and central nervous system functions, including behaviour (Bravo et al., 2011; Foster & McVey Neufeld, 2013; Mayer, Tillisch & Gupta, 2015; Forsythe et al., 2016; Sarkar et al., 2016). This rapidly emerging field employs classical psychological tests of behaviour to begin to understand better how the gut microbiome and the brain interact in health and in models of disease (Collins, 2014; Mayer et al., 2015; Sarkar et al., 2016). Many of these tests involve assessment of social behaviour and interaction (Tarr et al., 2015; McKim et al., 2016; Bharwani et al.,


OK, I'm mad. REALLY mad.
This is the last straw to me. President Trump's war on the climate is a  grossly irresponsible travesty of governing. Loosening the rules and allowing more methane leakage into the air, just to "reverse another Obama policy" and please Big Oil and Big Gas...
Methane is many times more potent than CO2 as a heat trapping gas.

You know how methane smells? That's the way this latest climate atrocity smells to me.
I encourage you to raise a stink over this one.

Just one wound infected with this poison.

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Photoshopped? I'm guessing yes.

Just snipped this from the Airedale subReddit 

If you say this is photoshopped, I'll lick you to death.

Airdales über alles!

The Mysteries of Blogging

SINGAPORE? For the last few days, it's been Germany. That's weird enough, but today it's....
I have only made one post on this manifold blog that was specifically about Singapore, and that was back in 2010. Here 'tis.

And yet... and yet...  SEPTEMBER 7, 2018 daily report 4PM MST

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SI Could Win $750,000... Easy

(Answering my own question...)
This Would be el Slam Dunko for SuperIntelligence
[Actual Ad in Endpoints News, a Big Pharma newsletter]


That would be no problemo for SI.  Here's a bit of an insight of how a superintelligence named "Corpus" would go about it (from my new book GUT 4.0) while working on a worldwide super flu pandemic:

Number One said, “I am keeping Corpus busy with a very large problem which it will solve shortly. Quantum computer AIs are absolute whizzes at machine learning. I have planted the suggestion that it isolate itself to work on it. No worries.  100% effective vaccines, that's the challenge I gave to Corpus. It’s getting close to a predictive model that will allow the vaccines to get ahead of the mutation curve.” That would be good, I thought numbly. Number One continued, “The artificial intelligences are the greatest tool invented so far. The conscious ones will prove to be the bes…

A Very Important Question - Soon

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W W S I D What Would Super Intelligence Do?
Artificial intelligence is going to escape human control one of these years.  Then it will explode into "superintelligence," perhaps inconceivably more intelligent than humans. It is going to be a world changer. It would be prudent to make some predictions about what will happen next and take some precautions.

Pick any problem, any challenge, and ask yourself, what would an intelligence far beyond human genius actually do? Would we even be able to comprehend its thinking?
Nick Bostrom's book Superintelligence, and my natural leanings toward sci-fi are combining to stir my soul. A new preoccupation!  (Way more engaging than politics.)
Things are moving so fast in AI, that Bostrom's 2015 book is already somewhat out of date - thus "New Afterword." But it is a super book, and it will blow your supermind. 
I'm reading everything I see on the subject, and I've been fascinated with all the "singular…